Monday, November 16, 2009

Processes in Software Development Cycle

Three people were assigned by a company to plant trees in the city. They had very specific roles to play. First person's job is to dig a pit, second one puts the plant inside and third one closes the pit and pours water. They were paid daily basis. One day the second person was on leave. Still the first and third person went for their job and carried out their work...!!! Why miss out the payment for the day??

Are we following the software development processes like the above story? Are we just doing something for the sake of doing? In couple of my code review sessions, here are some of the feedback I got for my suggestions.

"It is a good suggestion, but is it worth changing the code at this point of time?"

"This code cannot be changed now because we may miss the deployment date, though your suggesstion is good"

Some refinement in the processes can bring in more value.  (e.g. Have code review sessions at an earlier stage of  development)  Still, I wonder, whether the documents (e.g. RTM) I create as part of development adds value (in spite of the cost involved in preparing the document). May be I will appreciate the value of all the processes later in my career!? Will wait and see.

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